Supporting young minds through meditation and mindfulness.

 Benefits of teaching children meditation

Relieves stress

 Aids restful sleep and alleviates sleep problems.

Strengthened ability to focus, improving concentration in focused based activities.

Reduces anxiety

 Supports adolescent children in finding inner stability despite the hormonal change.

Increases inner confidence.

Enables them to manage strong emotions, to manage life challenges and supports healthy emotional development.

Promotes an overall sense of wellbeing.


"If every eight year old is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence within the world in one generation"

Dalai Lama

Our children are growing up in increasingly challenging times and it is imperative that we give them the tools to support themselves as they grow. From dealing with difficult emotions, the pressure of school work, friendships and challenging life situations, learning to cultivate a quiet space within can give healthy and accessible support for a child. I believe that by teaching stillness to a child they can create space to rebalance and enjoy the natural rhythm of childhood. Teaching your child to make connections and be able to self regulate when they are suffering from stormy emotions is invaluable. It is never to early to begin and children with all different needs can benefit, from those suffering with anxiety, children with special needs, to those with sleep problems. Always fun and at the pace of the individual, I work alongside the child to teach them accessible ways in which they can they can support themselves. I enjoy working on a one to one basis with children, with whole family groups, in schools and within other organisations. If you are interested to learn more, please contact me for more information.

I have Level Two Professional Certification in Teaching Children Meditation. A full and current DBS to work specifically with children and a certificate in Advanced Child Protection. 


Local classes held regularly, please contact me for further information.

"Thank you for helping me feel calm and comfortable" - Sam 9yrs

"...and I know I can do this on my own if I feel sad" - Connie 6yrs

"I helped my brother feel better at bedtime, I showed my mummy too" - Thomas 7rs

"Pippa was illuminated after her session today, so lovely to see, thank you." - D.C, Wiltshire.