Personal Biographies and Life story Therapy

The premise of Life Story work is simple, everyone has stories to tell. There are many people who would like to capture their memories but feel unsure where to begin. Having worked in hospice care for twelve years I have seen the positive impact of this work, not only on individuals but also with their families and friends. 

"My time spent with Tessa, recording tales for my grandchildren has been such a rewarding experience, something which I had procrastinated about for years, came to fruition in a matter of weeks." V.B

Many people approach life story work because they enjoy the reflective process of documenting their lives or maybe they are interested in historical archiving. There can also be specific intentions for life story work, often being used to support those living with a life limiting illnesses, children in social care, dementia patients and older people. Whether for yourself or to be shared with family and friends, life story work is always a creative process, which leads to a collection of work that you can feel proud of. Voice recordings, letters, memory boxes, photograph albums and written pieces are just some of the methods you can document your memories or messages. There are endless creative ways in which to work and I can help you to decide the perfect medium for you.  As a member of Lapidus, I thrive on the wealth of varied experience available in the UK and worldwide in this ever growing profession.

I see first hand the pleasure people take from recording and sharing their memories. These stories not only have personal importance but can act in documenting our historical experience. This is truly a fascinating area to work in and I love nothing more than listening to others recall their life experiences. If you would like to know more about working on your own life story, I would be very pleased to hear from you.


From spending an entire year with a gentleman retelling his ninety years to date, to just one session documenting a few chosen words for a loved one, I always place the emphasis on working at your pace and as you wish.

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