Tessa Stacey

I set up Growing Needs to present the creative work I do. I live and work in the lovely town of Bradford on Avon, sharing a home with my husband and three children. I therapeutic work is diverse and varies from guiding children in the practice of meditation, to enjoying the spiritual practice of listening in a variety of settings.  Every day I enjoy a walks with our Labrador, come rain or shine, we explore the footpaths of Wiltshire together. I love to plan regular adventures, be it exploring Cornwall or Cuba. Creating curries excites me, even when it takes me hours to make one dish. I inherited the love of a good book from my mother. I am fascinated by the simplicity and complexities of dry stone walling. I have been known to make a very good lampshade. I have been employed to photograph unusual medical conditions and thrived in such an interesting career. More recently, I have gained much from my twelve years spent supporting patients in palliative care. I enjoy change and plenty of sleep. I indulge in regular silence to enhance (survive!) motherhood. I genuinely enjoy washing up. I consider myself compassionate. I am told I am empathic. I know I can be impulsive, yet I value my patience.  

I work in a variety of ways and always with integrity and compassion. I have worked in palliative care for the last twelve years in a variety of roles. I very quickly realised that life story work is so valuable for many different situations and communities, many people enjoy listening to others stories and choose to capture them for a variety of different reasons.   I currently work with Dorothy House patients and also those who are recently bereaved.   Using the written/ spoken word, photographs and a variety of different mediums we explore relationships and the continuing bonds we honour when a loved one dies. I have developed a person centred approach, which focuses on the individual's strengths and how best they can express themselves. 

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to yoga and meditation practice as a child, my mother showed me simple ways to take refuge from my "thinking" mind and deal with challenges in alternative ways. As a child I wasn't fully aware of the gift she had given me and as an adult I formally revisited meditation and mindful practice 15 years ago, after a series of bereavements. My practice supported me through a wide range of life experiences and continues to be my greatest tool. Truly realising its benefit, I then began to actively teach my own children. When I saw the empowering effects on their well being, I realised the great importance of this work. Having trained directly with Calm Kids author Lorraine Murray, as a Level 2 meditation tutor, I now have the privilege of working with children and young adults in a variety of different settings. This work is incredibly rewarding and not a day goes by that I don't marvel in what our children have to teach us. 

I am experienced in many forms of well being support, having formally studied in the areas of Counselling, Bereavement Support, Homeopathy, Reiki - Level Two, Emotional Freedom Technique - Level one and M.Technique for therapeutic purposes. 

My working life has been a varied and rich one, with each journey informing the next. I feel very privileged to be learning and working in such creative and inspiring ways.

My continuing professional development can be found here.